Minuet for Blackberry

Minuet for Blackberry

Browse full websites with this handy tool for Blackberry

Minuet is a popular stand-alone web browser for standard web pages (not WAP), now upgraded with lots of new features in this version. There are no go-between servers. Your device will be reading directly from your favorite web sites, quickly and efficiently.

No need to worry about privacy, security, server problems, and subscriptions. Minuet is designed to deliver true web surfing experiences on mobile devices. Use it to check the news, check stock prices, pick a movie, find a restaurant, check the weather, check the traffic, look up the dictionary, anywhere and anytime.

Minuet supports the following features:

  • In-place scrolling of over-sized images
  • Multiple color schemes and font sizes
  • Multiple start-up options: Home, Quicklist or Web Page
  • Quick and direct download from sites
  • Web images, including png, gif and jpg
  • All thumbwheel navigation
  • Foreign language web sites
  • Fitted to small screens (no horizontal scrolling)
  • Input forms (commonly used for searching)
  • Network usage meter
  • Download progress indicator
  • Cached pages for quick navigation
  • Bookmarks and bookmark lists for easy organization
  • Context-sensitive help screens
  • Support for monochrome displays

A handy byte counter is provided for monitoring network usage. Other features include download progress indicator and user manageable bookmark lists (the full version is pre-loaded with the most popular Internet sites.) To conserve network usage, users may download only the images selected for viewing. User may further reduce network usage by stopping the download before it is complete.

Viewing web pages with Minuet is simple and easy, because Minuet renders web pages into a common viewing format that is optimized for mobile devices.

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Minuet for Blackberry


Minuet for Blackberry 3.1.4

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    Minuet v2.0 has been released (v1.1 is obsolete). Author: Minuet Browser for BlackBerry V2.0.0 has been released. It has many new featu More